'Hers' by Kevin Bolger

Moved by the newest short film by director Kevin Bolger.

It has received a Daily Pick from Film Shortage, as well as a feature on Booooooom.

'Hers' is an exploration of the reflective nature of life. How any one aspect of life, invariably, is seen in all others. The film poignantly delivers this message by giving focus to the fluid strength of the main character: a mother, a worker, a fighter. Each division of her life requiring and building the same incredible qualities of character.

Relaying this theme was achieved through Kevin’s use of subtle techniques in film and editing, the match-cuts giving us direct imagery to her life's crossover. Also achieved through casting; Miyo Strong, the lead actor, already naturally possessed many of the characters defining qualities. Kevin, reflecting on her casting, uses such phrases as, "no excuses fighter," "physically and mentally strong," "using strategy and technicality;" all qualities captured in each aspect of the character's experience.

A vivid glimpse into a singular life, with universal concepts.