Namesake is born.

Ripped from the comforts of the womb we’ve plunged into existence. Battered and bruised but with lungs full of air, Namesake was born. Built around the desire to foster and introduce new talent to the ever-changing landscape of production, Namesake is both nimble and inventive. Above all, committed to content that connects us to the human experience, Namesake is a nest for filmmakers hell-bent on delivering the goods regardless of the challenge.

The roster includes directors Ashkan Memarian, Cameron Goold, Christian Schultz, Kevin Bolger, and Natalie Neal. Ranging from the visceral cinéma vérité, to the deliciously iconoclastic the roster bolsters an eclectic posse of artists eager to make anything they touch better. After all, everything we create has a bit of us in it.