Namesake introduces Sage Bennett

Namesake welcomes Sage Bennett to our roster of directors.

Sage Bennett's childhood, in New York City and downtown Chicago, shaped her expansive curiosity, as did her art-obsessed family's road trips, criss crossing the country summer after summer to visit every museum they could find. This early exposure to visually stunning and unfiltered artwork fueled her imagination and her need to create. She began funneling creative energy into short films, music videos and photography from a very young age, developing and honing her individual vision. This expansion continued on through a film course at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Film and Media Arts program at the University of Utah, and well beyond. Sage’s work is emotional, evocative, and taps into universal truths from a female perspective. Sage is passionate about making work that brings people together through this shared human experience.

Sage’s recent film “Sisters” for M|M

'Hers' by Kevin Bolger

Moved by the newest short film by director Kevin Bolger.

It has received a Daily Pick from Film Shortage, as well as a feature on Booooooom.

'Hers' is an exploration of the reflective nature of life. How any one aspect of life, invariably, is seen in all others. The film poignantly delivers this message by giving focus to the fluid strength of the main character: a mother, a worker, a fighter. Each division of her life requiring and building the same incredible qualities of character.

Relaying this theme was achieved through Kevin’s use of subtle techniques in film and editing, the match-cuts giving us direct imagery to her life's crossover. Also achieved through casting; Miyo Strong, the lead actor, already naturally possessed many of the characters defining qualities. Kevin, reflecting on her casting, uses such phrases as, "no excuses fighter," "physically and mentally strong," "using strategy and technicality;" all qualities captured in each aspect of the character's experience.

A vivid glimpse into a singular life, with universal concepts.

'Inherit the Earth' by Christian Schultz

Mesmerized by the latest piece by Director Christian Schultz.

The film has received laurels from The Bushwick Film Festival, The Windy City Film Festival and Independent Short Awards. It has received a Vimeo Staff Pick, as well as a Daily Pick from Film Shortage.

Christian describes the film as, “A quiet meditation on kids and hope within the struggle of urban poverty.”

The film’s original intent, though complex in subject, was not complex in concept: to explore food insecurity in the urban populace. Straightforward enough, but was quickly discovered to be a cascading issue. To talk about food insecurity means to also talk about poverty, trauma, drug use, neglect, and abandonment; all-encompassing issues unto themselves. The short film miraculously, intimately touches on all. 

The subjects of the film, our guides to this complex world, are children. The choice was easy, quoting from the director, “Any time you hear about food insecurity, poverty, crime- it’s from adults. Adults with political views, past traumas, motivations. Kids carry none of that.” Another truth, the topics addressed in the film inherently come down to children; thus, who better to speak about them? Their honest accounts naturally submerge us in their experience.

Our hearts have been moved. Our synapses have been graced with gorgeous cinematography. Perhaps, we have a new understanding.

Inherit the Earth Staff Pick.jpg

Promonews features Nathalie Christmas

Promonews features Nathalie Christmas’, formerly Natalie Neal’s, iridescent new film “The Eternal” for Thayer.

“Natalie Neal brings a dreamy quality to her video for Thayer Sarrano's shoegaze-influenced The Eternal, placing the singer-songwriter within landscapes and then manipulated with in-camera effects, via prisms and different formats, to great effect.”

Director Nathalie Christmas Featured on Free The Bid.

Namesake director Nathalie Christmas, formerly Natalie Neal, is featured on Free The Bid.

“With a focus on exploring women’s experiences, Natalie Neal, a photographer turned filmmaker, has an ethereal style grounded in real stories.

Natalie has garnered international praise for her whimsical photography, films, and fashion work. Some awards and press include Nylon Magazine, Urban Outfitters, Frēsh ’18 Awards, LadyGunn Magazine, Bystander Magazine, i-D Magazine, Forever 21, Promo News, The Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, and many more.

Check out Natalie’s work!